I’m Nitesh Prasad

I am a UI Designer, a Content Creator and an App Developer. I develop apps, design websites, and create attractive content. I also love to share my experiences through blog and my Youtube channel.



The Products on which
I have Worked

These are Just a few of my design and Development Projects

I have designed and developed Custom ROMs, Sound Mods, Apps, Website Themes, Desktop Skins, and more.


Learning and creating something new Everyday

Hello, I amΒ Nitesh Prasad.Β I am a blogger since 2013 and have worked on different blogs. I have worked on Android ROM Development, App Development, Graphics Design, Web Frontend Design, Theme Development and UI/UX.

  • Creative approach in development
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity



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running a tech blog and a youtube channel

I started OS Busters blog in 2011 and the Youtube Channel in 2018. I write about different topics related to tech and software development on OS Busters. Also publish videos on similar topics on the Youtube Channel.

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You’ll find articles on a variety of topics ranging from science and
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